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Welcome to demostore.

This Page is fully customizable.

To get started, you need to login to the admin console using the login credentials provided to you via email.

Once logged in, you can edit the content of this page by editing the widgets on both sides, adding more widgets, editing the demo pages or remove them and create your own.

Also, you can simply add links to outside pages that might be of your interest.

Other than links, you can enjoy the versatility of embedding your favorite pictures, slideshows and videos to any page you create.

Have a product on ebay? Got a video on youtube? no problem. All you need to do is to use the simple editor to embed your links.


As for Themes and Layouts, you can upload your own background, choose your favorite colors, your favorite font, and the website will have certainely have your touch on it.

No time to do it? Got no idea on what to graphics to use? You can simply choose of our pre-created themese on the go to get you started.




Please Refer to Admin Console Demo to see a live demo created with the site.

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